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                                       WHAT TO EXPECT

  Alaska fishing is not uniform throughout the season. The five species of Alaskan salmon run at various times throughout the summer, and even the resident trout, char and grayling move throughout the rivers systems and change their feeding patterns depending on which salmon are present and what they are doing. Some populations of dolly varden, such as those found in the Goodnews River, are anadromous and are only found in freshwater for the latter half of the summer. Others, like those in the Koktuli River, move out of the larger Mulchatna and into the tributaries like the Koktuli only when the salmon enter the tributary and start to spawn.

  In late June, the fishing is primarily for rainbows and grayling, but by the last few days of the month, the first of the king salmon are starting to enter the lower portion of the rivers. By early July, the king run is fully underway and the first of the chums and sockeyes are in the river, as well. Some of the rainbows will start to move upriver with the salmon.

  The king, chum and sockeye runs will continue into late July, gradually tapering off in intensity toward the end of the month. In the Goodnews, the dolly varden start to come into the river around the middle of July, just before the first of the king, chum and sockeye salmon start to spawn. The spawning activity of these three salmon species increases into early August, winding down and eventually ending during the latter half of August. The fishing for rainbows, grayling and char is some of the best of the season during the king, chum and sockeye spawn!

  On even-numbered years the pink salmon run starts in late July and continues into the first half of August. These are short-lived fish with a brief, intense run and you will find resident fish feeding behind spawning pinks just as you would with the other salmon.

fish alaska  The first of the silver salmon enter the rivers by early August, with that run peaking in late August. Just as the other salmon are dying off, the silvers are coming on strong. The rainbow, grayling and dolly varden fishing continues to be great throughout August, but the fish are no longer concentrated once the spawning salmon die off. The dollies, however, concentrate on upper and mid-river flats for their own spawn, and the fishing for dollies from the second week of August into September can be truly incredible. When the conditions are right there is even good dry fly fishing to be had for dollies at this time.

  Each of the trips listed in the Dates and Rates section has the fish species availability noted for that trip. If you are unsure of which time would be best for your trip, please feel free to contact us.


    We specialize in fly fishing float trips, but spin fishermen are welcome. Access to the rivers is by float plane from various southwestern Alaska towns, primarily Dillingham and Iliamna. The guide:client ratio is one guide and 2 clients per raft. We limit party size to 4 clients on public trips and to 6 clients on private party trips. Most fishing is done while wading, with additional fishing being done from the rafts as we float. We camp each evening at riverside and meals are prepared fresh daily.


  Included in the price of each trip is float plane transportation to and from the river, rafts, PFD's, tents, all meals and beverage (except alcohol), all cooking and eating utensils, pre-trip planning information (including gear and clothing lists), radio, satphone and aid kit in the event of emergencies, and all guiding services.

  You are expected to provide your own fishing tackle, personal gear, clothing, sleeping bag and pad. A list that is trip specific will be sent to you once we have received your deposit.

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