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The Goodnews flows clear and free for 55 miles out of the Ahklun Mountains and into the Bering Sea.  The river is surrounded by rolling tundra with the mountains close at hand and lending a stunning backdrop to the beauty of the river itself.  This is a world class fishery for salmon, rainbow trout, char and grayling.

You will get to experience the river from top to bottom.  The upper river is entirely within the Wilderness portion of the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge.  We will start at the headwaters lake and float through the sinuous upriver section.  On day three we descend through a scenic canyon to the middle and lower sections.  Tributaries enter on a regular basis as we progress downriver, but it never gets or feels anything like big water, remaining wadable with excellent fishing from the skinny headwaters to the braided lower river.

The physical beauty of the Goodnews is more than matched by the quality of its fishery.  Rainbow trout, dolly varden, lake trout, arctic grayling and all five species of Pacific salmon are found in impressive numbers in its waters.  Simply put, I know of no river in Alaska that fishes better than the Goodnews.  If you want the fishing trip of a lifetime, this should be your first choice.  The fish numbers and the scenery are simply incredible.

I offer six different trips on the Goodnews that span the spectrum of Alaska’s best summer fishing.  It all starts with early rainbows and grayling, then adds the first of the seasonal salmon runs to the mix, shifts to the fantastic, frenetic fishing for resident fish once these salmon start to spawn and finishes with the silver salmon run and last of the season’s resident species fishing.   Six separate trips and six different experiences centered around large, wild fish and set in the vast wilderness and stunning scenery of back country Alaska.

Information on how to time your trip for the type of fishing you desire is outlined in the “Dates & Rates” section.  If you have questions, simply email me and I’ll be glad to help.

Access to the Goodnews River is from Dillingham.  Due to the length of the river and the quality of its fishery, I run these as 8 or 9 day trips.  The night prior to the start of the trip is usually spent at a B&B in Dillingham in order to get the earliest possible start on day 1.

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